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      Bill Wilby

      Bill Wilby

      ICD.D, ACCUD, A.CCD, Canada DE

      Currently the owner-manager of two e-commerce businesses  , Strida Canada and Cycle For Fun.                    Support and farm-hand at Settle Down Organic Farm,  Board Director Beem Credit Union,

      Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Organic Market Garden Support/Farm-Hand

      Dedicated to the future of credit unions...and to the credit union of the future

       Training and Education


      ICD.D, 2024 This director education program is facilitated by the Rotman School of Management, The University of Toronto and granted by the Institute of Corporate Directors. After completing the ICD-Rotman Directors Education Program and an examination process conducted by seasoned directors, the ICD.D designation represents a lifelong commitment to excellence in the boardroom, a desire to stay current, and to be a more effective director.

      ACCUD, 2017 I became an Accredited Canadian Credit Union Director. The ACCUD program administered by Dalhousie University brings together the learning from the Credit Union Achievement ( CUDA ) training program of parts A,B and C. The accreditation includes a 2½ hour exam of which passing grade is 60%. To maintain the accreditation a director needs to obtain 5 or more training credits each year. These training credits can be obtained from CUDA courses or attending other training programs. Since 2017 I have taken many level C training courses, including IT Governance for Directors which I have completed three times. MNP, the creators of this IT course, have continued to update the IT Governance for director training program.

      There are currenty 150 Accredited Canadian Credit Union Directors.

      CCD part one 2019, ( Certified Credit Union Director) designation from CUES. Three day program with instruction from Rotman School of management University or Toronto. Held in Vancouver. Focus was on advanced board governance.

      CCD part two 2022, This was held at the Rotman School of management at the University of Toronto. Focus was on cyber security, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It included role playing of crisis situations that were very real!

      Canada DE certificate 2018, five day intensive training with a focus on co-ops and the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs). An excellent international leadership program held at the Sobey Business school, St. Mary’s University Halifax.

      Northern Italy Cooperative Tour, 2018, this tour is part of the St Mary’s University Cooperative Management Masters program. It included tours of many different Italian cooperatives. It was hosted by the University of Bologna and included lectures on cooperatives at the Bologna University campus which, is the oldest University in the world, founded in 1088.

      Certificate in Cooperative Governance, 2019, University of Saskatchewan, a six week online certificate program with an exam. International participation with very good instruction.

      Governance Solutions, 2020 Culture, Covid, and the Board, multiple session certificate online course with Canadian participants from cooperatives, non-profits and credit unions.

      Governance Solutions, 2020 governing beyond COVID 19, multiple session online certificate course.

      St. Mary’s University, Sobey School of Business, 2021, Excellence in Member-centric Governance and Management. Online, two day program hosted by the
      International Center for Cooperative Management.

      Security Information Training, Grand Forks Credit Union subscribed to a security information training coaching program, Know Before You Click. The training provided by Know Before is excellent. I am also a member of CIRA, Canadian Internet Registry Authority. The CIRA provides security services, workshops and training for information security.


      Other Training


      Listed are the major programs that I have attended in the last five years. In 2021 I attended twenty-three webinars, conferences and fireside chats for a total of 78 hours.

      In 2022 I have participated in eleven programs and approximately 70 hours of instruction.

      I like to engage in programs, to learn and to keep up to date with trends and future potential developments. My current focus is on blockchain technologies and crypto assets, and how these will change our financial services in the future. Being a director in the financial services industry provides many opportunities to participate in learning programs and to engage with system leading innovators. With my flexible time I can indulge in programs when available.



      Gulf and Fraser Credit Union, I was elected to the board of G&F Credit Union in April 2023 for a three year term. I currently serve on the Investment and Lending Committee, the Conduct Review Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee.

      Grand Forks and District Credit Union 2014 to 2022, I served on the gfcu board, 8.5 years, including all board committees. I served as board vice chair and chair and at different times chaired the Governance and HR, Audit and Operational risk, Credit and Market Risk and the Member and Community Relations committees. During this time I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from many long serving, strong directors and two CEOs.

      Stabilization Central Credit Union, 2019 to 2022. I served on the Stabilization Central board for three years, chaired the Master Bond committee, served on the Investment and Loans committee, the Stabilization Advisory committee, the Audit committee, and the Governance and Conduct review committee during the three years. Serving on the Stabilization board was a unique opportunity to view many details of the B.C. credit union system. During our director training we learn of many possibilities of what can go wrong with governance and management of credit unions. By being on the Stabilization board I saw first hand examples of what can go wrong and I gained a new perspective of the B.C. system. As a board member of Stabilization we met regularly with the BCFSA management and discussed BCFSA’s concerns for the B.C. credit union system. As well during my three year term on the board I experienced the board changing the senior management and the hiring of a new CEO. The Stabilization board is composed of very experienced and professional directors. The Opportunity for me to work with these individuals and for me to contribute to the success of redefining the role of Stabilization was a learning experience and something I am proud of. The members of Stabilization Central are the credit unions of B.C. The mission of Stabilization credit union is to strengthen the B.C. credit union system.

      Central One Peer Group Three, Kootenay Region 2019 t0 2022. I served three years as chair of the PG3 committee. During that time I used my experience and desire to innovate to refocus the Spring and Fall meetings. I did this by using themes for each meeting that we could build a program around. Part of the success was engaging consultant Miranda Flury to facilitate panel discussions and training courses consistent with our themes. Miranda and I worked closely together on these projects. It is personally rewarding to see her success now on the global stage with some of the material she and I developed for our peer group. Being the chair of the PG3 provided me contact with many system leaders and I gained from this experience.

      SMCUC 2020 to 2022. I served eighteen months on the Small Medium Credit Union Committee which is a government advisory committee for CCUA. This is a very active committee with meetings every two weeks. I am usually the only director at these meetings as the rest are B.C. credit union system CEOs and managers. Because of this I received system information that directors would not usually be exposed to. My role on this committee was to contribute the directors perspective to conversations. I enjoy this committee because I like to be well informed on system and regulatory issues. To keep up with the managers on this committee I need to listen carefully and explore areas that I would not otherwise be exposed to. This committee has helped with my role with Stabilization Central.

      Grand Forks Credit Union and G&F Credit Union merger 2021 to 2022. For 2022 I was either the acting board chair or the board chair. In that capacity I signed the merger MOU on behalf of the gfcu board. I was also the co-chair of the combined steering committee along with G&F’s vice chair Doug Sweeting until my resignation.

      Elevatus 2018 to 2021, I was involved in the Elevatus Kootenay six credit union merger project from the start. My first responsibility was organizing the first meeting. I was one of the two directors with the CEO that represented gfcu for the beginning of the project and then was one of the three gfcu directors on the steering committee until the end of the project.
      Personally there were many learnings from this failed project. What comes to mind first,  myself being more aware of my personal bias and how those biases can restrict critical thinking.

      Community Involvement

      Kettle Valley Food Co-op,  active volunteer 

      Grand Forks and Area Agriculture Society, past director and board chair 

      Granby Hemp Co-op, founding director, this co-op was founded in 1995 and obtained a license to grow hemp. We explored the feasibility of commercial hemp production in the Kettle Valley. The co-op was disbanded 2000. 










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