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      Bill Wilby

      Bill Wilby

      ICD.D, ACCUD, A.CCD, Canada DE

      Currently the owner-manager of two e-commerce businesses  , Strida Canada and Cycle For Fun.                    Support and farm-hand at Settle Down Organic Farm,  Board Director Beem Credit Union,

      Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Organic Market Garden Support/Farm-Hand

      Dedicated to the future of credit unions...and to the credit union of the future

      Endorsements and Testimonials

      I have been fortunate to work with many experienced and talented directors and managers in my credit union career. And being part of the Grand Forks and area business community for many years, I have built relationships with many of our citizens. 

      This page is showcasing the support I have received with endorsements and testimonials. If you would like to add your endorsement or testimonial to my campaign please use the contact form at the bottom of the page. 

      “I had the pleasure of working with Bill on the board of the Grand Forks and Boundary Agricultural Society. I truly appreciate both his sincere and authentic leadership and his ability to work effectively as part of a team. He is a great listener, and is always willing to explore different perspectives. He’s also a very hard worker and doesn’t hesitate to jump in and roll up his sleeves to get the job done.                                                            
      With the recent merger, there are definitely some community members who are uncertain that the needs of Grand Forks and the Boundary region will be represented, and I firmly believe that Bill’s presence on the board will alleviate those doubts.                                                                                 
      I think his experience working with the Grand Forks Credit Union board and his contagious passion for cooperatives, makes him an ideal candidate for the director position.”
      Helen Worth

      Community Education Coordinator, Selkirk College

      “When Bill and Sandra opened Contact Photo Arts in the early 1980’s, we were operating a store front right opposite to them on Market Avenue, and have known them ever since. Our interaction over the years has involved all aspects of our lives, from professional and business transactions, to joint efforts in community and volunteer services. The active participation of friendly people of integrity, such as Bill and Sandra, is a highly valued component of any successful community enterprise.

      As co-operatively-minded members of GFCU since the 1950’s (with Lil a long-time staff member), we were very inspired by Bill’s knowledge, energy and dedication in his years as a Director of our Credit Union. We are confident that Bill will be a superlative Director in our newly amalgamated G&F Credit Union, and wish him every success in his campaign.”

      Jim & Lil Popoff


      “With the merger of the Grand Forks Credit Union with the Gulf and Fraser Credit Union we can now see the credit union spirit is alive and well in our local economic future.

      Having representation on the board ensures us being part of what may become a provincial wide credit union and brings economic vitality to our communities.

      I can think of no one better to serve on that board than Bill Wilby. Bill understands both small business, agriculture entrepreneurship and e-commerce and has found success in those fields. He is a nine year GFCU board member and brings much knowledge to the table..

      Bill needs our support to gain a seat on the new board. By voting for Bill we gain a good voice at the new credit union board table. Let’s keep the credit union spirit alive and well in the east Boundary by voting Bill Wilby to the board of the Gulf and Fraser Credit Union.”

      Dennis Thome

      “I served with Bill Wilby on the Stabilization Central board for a few years. I noticed that he always displayed a high level of curiosity and a commitment to a healthy organizational culture. He was also an advocate of continuing education and never missed an opportunity to enhance his knowledge base.”

      Darlene Hyde

      Chair, Stabilization Central Credit Union

      “This man I would trust and support 100% . One of the most honest and communicative human beings that I know with Integrity and with purpose.”   

      Dawn van Hoogevest

      “I have known Bill since he became a board member of GFCU nine years ago.  Bill has been active in the credit union system and has contributed immensely in every aspect.  He is a great candidate for the G&F Board with his expertise and willingness to take on any task.  I highly recommend Bill to your Board.”

      Marg Poohachoff

      Heritage Credit Union Director, retired

      “I worked with and got to know Bill from our time together on the Stabilization Central Credit Union Board.  Bill was always prepared for our meetings, both full board and committee meetings, was engaged, asked appropriate questions and respected others opinions.  I believe that Bill would be a good addition to any board in the Cooperative world.”

      Gus K. Hartl

      Retired CEO/President, Aldergrove Credit Union/Gulf & Fraser

      “Bill’s cooperative and credit union knowledge, and his drive to gain more of it, makes him the perfect director. He can see how the macro effects the micro, and vice-versa – always with a lens on the future. He would be an excellent Director for any BC Credit Union, no doubt about it.”

      Jeff Fero

      Director, Marketing And Community Engagement, StellerVista Credit Union - Formerly East Kootenay Community Credit Union

      “Over the past 25 years I have been aware of the many contributions Bill has made to this community. He is a strong family man with a head for small business and a curiosity for innovation . I first met Bill when I purchased photo equipment from his family run shop on Market St. He is able to see the big picture and will make a meaningful contribution to any organization or cause he dedicates time to.”

      Brian Taylor

      Mayor of Grand Forks, retired

      I am very pleased to see that Bill Wilby is running for the position of Director. I have known Bill for many years. As a successful business owner in a small town and as director and chair of the Grand Forks Credit Union, Bill has always been approachable, knowledgeable and willing to help his customers or members with whatever they need. With Bill on the board I feel confident that whoever you are, you will have someone who will listen to your concerns and have the knowledge to be able to help with them.”  

      John Greaves, Victoria B.C.

      I have worked with Bill in various capacities over the years and most recently as co-directors at GFCU. Bill is curious, intelligent, willing to make hard decisions and always does his homework, He is committed to his community, the Boundary Region and is passionate about grassroots community development.  All this and more means that he would be an excellent addition to the Gulf and Fraser Board.”

      Jennifer Wetmore

      General Manager at Community Futures Boundary

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