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      Co-operation Slide Project

      A while ago, (2018) after I completed a training event and when I was feeling inspired, I created this slide presentation. My thoughts then, as they still are now, are that many credit union members have very little understanding of what a co-operative or co-op is. As I have suggested in my blog post The Credit Union Advantage, this may be the result of the success of credit unions in offering their members financial services. Many members of credit unions view and refer to their credit union as their bank.

      But after 4+ years since I first created these slides, the co-operative landscape has changed, as you will see in the slides. So I have needed to make some edits. But I have not updated the regional credit union numbers. The seven regional credit unions are still serving their members and their communities. But with mergers and acquisitions there are now five credit unions by entity in the region.

      To advance the slides scroll down or hit enter. And I would love to receive your comments please.

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