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      Brave Browser Review

      I have been using the Brave Browser for the last two months. You may be surprised to find this review included in my blog but I will explain. I like to write about and share information on things that interest me. Most of my topics are related to credit unions, cooperatives and the technology and governance related to those topics. This review of the Brave Browser would fit under new technologies and blockchains, I will explain.

      User Privacy and Browsing the Internet

      The privacy of our data is becoming a major concern for many people. It has taken a while, but most people are starting to understand how the use of our personal data is being used for, and against our best interests. The control and ownership of our data is gradually shifting from a free for all for large corporations to individuals owning and controlling the use of their data. In the financial services industry this change is happening with Open Banking also known as Consumer Directed Finance.

      There are many new startups developing apps that see this change coming and are building systems to enable individuals to control and even monetize their personal data. The Brave Browser is one of these applications. 

      “The best privacy online

      Browse privately. Search privately. And ditch Big Tech.”

      The above text is copied from the opening page of the Brave Browser. I am not sure of the last statement, ditch big tech. I don’t see it as ditching big tech, but rather chosing to use big tech that works for you and not against you.

      A Faster and Safer Browser

      I use Brave on two computers. At the top of the Brave page is displayed the trackers and ads that have been blocked, the bandwidth saved and the time saved. On my main computer that I have been using Brave as my main browser for the last 40 days it displays 77,353 trackers and ads blocked, 726.6 mb saved and 1.1 hours saved. I do spend more time than most people online because of my two e-commerce sites, but those numbers do impress me. Brave is noticeably faster than Chrome, my other browser. When I first installed Brave it only took a few minutes and I imported all my Google contacts. I then loaded this site to test. This site is a Strida Bike forum that is very slow and awkward because of all the popup ads. It is a painful site to load with Chrome because of the supported Google ads, with Brave it loaded very quickly. A simple test but for me a very effective one.

      Blockchains and Brave

      I discovered Brave because of my interest in blockchains and crypto asset technologies. Brave uses a blockchain and a crypto currency called BAT, ( Basic Attention Token). I have copied this section from the Brave site’s Q&A, it explains BAT much better than I can.

      • What is BAT, and how do I earn it? BAT is short for Basic Attention Token. BAT is a crypto asset, and a key (but totally optional) part of the Brave Rewards ecosystem. Here’s how it works: Brave Rewards gives you the option to view first-party, privacy-protecting ads while you browse (these ads are from the Brave Private Ads network). If you choose to view them, you earn BAT, via the Brave Rewards program.You can keep BAT like any other crypto asset, or use it to tip the content publishers you love. Brave even gives you a secure way to store BAT (and any other crypto asset), with Brave Wallet. And, again, Brave Rewards is a totally optional program.Other tech companies steal your data to sell ads—to them, you are the product. Brave is different. We think your attention is valuable (and private!), and that you should get a fair share of the revenue for any advertising you choose to view. That fair share is rewarded in BAT.

      Pros and Cons

      If you have read this far, you will understand that I enjoy using the Brave Browser. For me the speed, the responsiveness and less ads are the keys. When I read newsletters from my email they load fast and the ads that usually get in the way are only blank holes in the page.

      But there are things that I miss and need to work around. With Chrome I have quick access to the Google apps I use, Google Maps, Docs, Sheets and Slides. I haven’t found the quick link on Brave for those apps, but if I search for them they are easy to find. And as I am writing this I have just found the links on my Gmail page so that one is solved!

      Conclusion and Disclaimer

      So if you are feeling Brave, download it and give it a try. If you do agree or disagree with my post please leave a comment. If you want to provide a direct comment to me you can use this contact form.

      I have not listed all of the features that Brave has to offer. I would encourage you to check it out.

      And for the disclaimer, I do own some BAT crypto. In trying to understand crypto assets and their function with blockchains I discovered BAT. And with finding BAT I found Brave. I like the idea of having more control over my personal data. And I like the idea of receiving a reward for sharing my data, if I so choose. At the time of writing this I have been rewarded about 12 BAT, or about $2.75.