My campaign as a candidate for a director position on the Gulf and Fraser Board is now entering the sixth week!

This week's newsletter details the experience I have enjoyed interacting with credit union members during my campaign. There is also important voting information.

I can't express how much I have enjoyed interacting with credit union members during this campaign. And I am starting to get better at remembering names. When you have lived in a community for 40 years and for most of that time owned a customer service business, you get to know a lot people.

Standing outside of a grocery store I have come across people I have photographed as babies, with grad photos, wedding photos and family photos. And I am sure I have taken everyone's passport photo at least once!

Someone reminded me today that I sold them their first good camera, I didn't ask if they still have it.

Important notice regarding voting

  1. Online voting ends Friday the 31st 4:30
  2. You can vote in the branch and staff will assist you.
  3. By my request, voting information is now easy to find on the front page of the gfcu website.
  4. And a Direct link to the E-Ballot can be found here.
The above information is particularly important for members like my elderly neighbour Fred, who does not have a computer and will not be able to vote online.

This is where I can use your help. I am encouraging people to “Walk Your Block for Bill”. The idea is to spread the word about the importance of voting and the need to elect a full term local director to the Gulf & Fraser board.

The weather is turning nice and this could be fun, a chance to say Hi to your neighbour and greet the Spring sunshine.

Facebook Campaign Ideas

We have developed two ideas that supporters can use to show their support and help the online campaign.
  1. Support cover photo or banner. Download the photo on the top of this page and use it temporarily as your Facebook cover photo to demonstrate your support. I see it like putting out a lawn sign, without the lawn and a non-recyclable sign!
  2. Support Profile photo/button. Download the photo below and use it as your temporary Facebook profile photo. I see this as wearing a campaign support button, without the button and the messy pin!

In case you have missed me this is me campaigning in the front of your favorite grocery store, I have campaigned in front of both local grocery stores!

The Credit Union Advantage

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