My campaign as a candidate for a director position on the Gulf and Fraser Board is now entering the Fifth week!

This week's newsletter highlights the support and help I am receiving from credit union members who would like to see me be successful with my campaign.

I am incredibly thankful for my friends that have formed a team and who are offering me support and guidance. But this campaign has only just begun and to be successful we need a large area turnout who will cast their vote for me.

Important notice

I want to make sure that all members know that they can receive a paper ballot at the Credit Union branch and any assistance needed. But importantly the paper ballots will have to be mailed immediately after filling it out. They need to be received in Vancouver before March 31st 4:30 PM.

This is particularly important for members like my elderly neighbour Fred, who does not have a computer and will not be able to vote online.

This is where we need your help. We are encouraging people to “Walk Your Block for Bill”
The idea is to spread the word about the paper ballots and the desire to elect a full term local director to the Gulf & Fraser board.

For the “Walk Your Block for Bill” initiative we have a handout that can be downloaded and printed or we can get printed copies to you. The weather is turning nice and this could be fun, a chance to say Hi to your neighbour and greet the Spring sunshine.

Facebook Support Banner

Another initiative for people to demonstrate their support is our mutual support of Bill's campaign Facebook banner. This banner as used in this newsletter can be downloaded and used as your temporary Facebook page banner. This change of banner will be circulated to your friends and help build support for this campaign.

To download the banner just right click on the banner image and select save image as. This will download the banner to your computer and then it can be uploaded to your Facebook page.

Again, thank you everyone for the support you have provided, Bill

A question I have been asked, are you qualified to be a director in a credit union as large as Gulf & Fraser?

This is a good question and I think best answered as two questions.

The first question is, what qualifications does one need to be a credit union director?
Other than meeting the credit union membership requirements and the regulator requirements including bonding, there are no other requirements. There is credit union director training provided after a director is elected. The basic training is defined as level A, B and C and there are time limits for completion.
With Grand Forks Credit Union this was the minimum required training and it was to be completed in the first three years. It is referred to as the CCUA Director Achievement Program. For a credit union the size of Grand Forks this was what most directors achieved.

For the second question, what qualifications are required for a large credit union?
The short answer is there is no difference. But I believe the expectations would be that directors of large credit unions would complete more in-depth training combined with personal professional education and experience.

I have experienced this difference first hand having served on a small credit union's board, Grand Forks, and a large organization's board, Stabilization Central Credit Union.

A priority of mine is being prepared for the challenges that I take on. That is why I have competed the amount of director training and educational experiences that I have.

I am proud to be 1 of 150 Accredited Canadian Credit Union Directors, a Certified Credit Union Director part one and two and I hold a certificate in Cooperative Governance. These certifications combined with many Canadian and global credit union education experiences provide me with the confidence that I can contribute to a large credit union like Gulf & Fraser.

Full Details of my training and experience can be found here.

ACCUD, 2017 I became an Accredited Canadian Credit Union Director. The ACCUD program administered by Dalhousie University brings together the learning from the Credit Union Achievement ( CUDA ) training program of parts A,B and C. The accreditation includes a 2½ hour exam of which passing grade is 60%. To maintain the accreditation a director needs to obtain 5 or more training credits each year. These training credits can be obtained from CUDA courses or attending other training programs. Since 2017 I have taken many level C training courses, including IT Governance for Directors which I have completed three times. MNP, the creators of this IT course, have continued to update the IT Governance for director training program.

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A fun photo taken at an Italian wine producers coop, wine for 1.5 euro a liter at the pump!

Diversity of Thought

As a new credit union director nine years ago, I hadn’t thought very much about diversity of thought. It took time and experience for me to understand how diversity of thought can help or hinder board decision making. And it took time and experience for me to understand the diversity of thought that I bring to the board table. My …

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diversity of thought
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