My campaign as a candidate for a director position on the Gulf and Fraser Board is now entering the third week.

A personal question I have been asked, why is it you are so passionate and committed to the credit union and the cooperative business model?

The answer is not hard for me to find. After working for many years with small businesses, in partnership with my wife, we developed close relationships with many customers. Much of our success has been because the relationships we developed provided mutual benefits.

The design of the cooperative business model provides mutual benefits to members, employees and the community it serves. I can't think of a fairer and more ethical way to provide goods and services. Some believe this is the future and the evolution of capitalism.

One economics professor that I had pleasure of listening to at the University of Bologna felt very strongly that the cooperative business model could strengthen and maybe even save our democracy.

This blog post explores my ideas on the credit union advantage.

The Credit Union Advantage

The Credit Union Advantage The credit union advantage, or the cooperative advantage, may not be well understood with most credit union members. I think one of the reasons for this lack of understanding may be attributed to the success of credit unions, over the last 70 years. Credit unions have evolved into established members of the business community, offering financial …

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Credit Union Advantage

A fun photo taken at an Italian wine producers coop, wine for 1.5 euro a liter at the pump!

Diversity of Thought

As a new credit union director nine years ago, I hadn’t thought very much about diversity of thought. It took time and experience for me to understand how diversity of thought can help or hinder board decision making. And it took time and experience for me to understand the diversity of thought that I bring to the board table. My …

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diversity of thought
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