My Director Campaign is now underway

It has been a busy week with the official start to my campaign for election to the board of Gulf & Fraser Credit Union. The week started with a quick trip to Burnaby for an interview with the Gulf & Fraser election committee.

The interview was like a job interview, being self employed all of my life I have little experience being interviewed for a job. I could have done better! I thought of good answers to the questions before I was half way home, but a little too late.

The next project was producing a one minute video for a campaign statement. I was able to produce this myself to save another trip to the city.

Videos and information of all director candidates will be posted on the credit union website. There is also a mailing distributed on March 10th. Voting will be March 13th until March 31st.

My campaign to gain a seat on the board is based on my belief that my credit union training and experience will provide diversity of thought to the Gulf & Fraser board.

And that my election to the board will provide the full term representation that our community desires.

A complete explanation of my credit union training and experience can be found here,

This Blog post from my website explains what I mean by...

Diversity of Thought

What is Board Diversity? As a new credit union director nine years ago, diversity was not a area of interest. It took time and experience for me to understand how diversity can help or hinder board decision making. And it took time and experience for me to understand the diversity of thought that I bring to the board table. My …

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diversity of thought
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