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      Bill Wilby

      Bill Wilby

      ICD.D, ACCUD, A.CCD, Canada DE

      Currently the owner-manager of two e-commerce businesses  , Strida Canada and Cycle For Fun.                    Support and farm-hand at Settle Down Organic Farm,  Board Director Beem Credit Union,

      Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Organic Market Garden Support/Farm-Hand

      Dedicated to the future of credit unions...and to the credit union of the future


      Spring of 2023 I was elected to the board of Gulf & Fraser Credit Union. At the time Gulf & Fraser was in merger discussions with Interior Savings Credit Union. Soon after my election I was appointed to be one of the eight Gulf & Fraser directors to serve on the newly merged credit union, if the merger was successful.


      The members of Gulf & Fraser and Interior Savings credit unions voted in favor of the planned merger in the Fall of 2023. With this successful vote, on January 1st 2024,  a new provincial wide credit union was formed, Beem Credit Union.  


      Full integration of the legacy credit unions will not be complete until 2025, so for 2024 Gulf & Fraser and Interior Savings will continue to offer services to their members using their legacy brands. But it is important to note, members of Interior Savings, Gulf & Fraser, Grand Forks Savings, Spruce and North Peace Savings can utilize all of the 53 branch locations. These branches are located in the lower mainland, the North Peace, the Interior and Boundary regions of B.C. 


       Some History 

      When I became a director of Grand Forks Credit union in 2014 I thought I was well prepared for the position. I soon learned that there is a lot to know about fiduciary duty, governance, oversight and protecting the members and communities best interests. I also learned that I had valuable skills to contribute to a board, diversity of thought being one. This blog post explores diversity or thought. 

      I also became hooked on the cooperative business model. The co-op model is something I have explored with a tour of Northern Italy’s co-ops as part of a St. Mary’s University program. I Studied the United Nations Sustainability Goals as they apply to co-ops, with the Canada DE program, also hosted by St. Mary’s University. And as the chair of our credit union peer group executive committee, organized a meeting of cooperatives in Nelson B.C. This blog post explores the cooperative advantage.  

      During my nine years on the board of Grand Forks Credit Union I served on all the board committees. And I have chaired the Governance and HR, Audit and Operational risk, Credit and Market risk and the Member and Community Relations committees. I served as the vice chair of the board and for 2022 I was elected the chair of the board. For a three year term, 2019 to 2022, I served on the board of Stabilization Central Credit Union. Stabilization Central’s members are the B.C. credit unions.

      Full training and experience details can be found here. 

      Looking back on my last nine years I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn and grow as the credit union system has evolved and changed. There are many more changes to come with financial services and I am prepared to serve credit union members, much more prepared than I was in 2014. 

      I am excited to begin a new chapter of my credit union experience with my election to the Gulf & Fraser board and now my position on the board of Beem Credit Union. I would like to continue the member engagement that I experienced last year while campaigning. I will be maintaining this website and Facebook page with the intent of continuing member contact and engagement.   


      My full bio can be found here………

      My blog posts detailing learnings and ideas can be found here……


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      Testimonials and Comments 

      More testimonials, endorsements and comments from community members and credit union associates can be found on this page…..

      I had the pleasure of working with Bill for a handful of years, including going through our Credit Union Director accreditation together, and have known him for decades. He brings a different perspective and voice to the Board, particularly with his focus on values-based banking and social inclusion. The time that he has given to volunteer locally for community-building opportunities and co-operatives, whether agricultural, financial, or otherwise, clearly demonstrates his dedication to community values and helping advance what our communities need.

      Roly Russell

      MLA, past chair gfcu

      I’ve known Bill Wilby for many years, first as a business owner in Grand Forks, and then as a co-director on the board of GFCU. Bill is passionate about building communities, and that shines through in everything he does. He is an active learner, as demonstrated by his extensive participation in director training. His knowledge gained while on the Stabilization Central Credit Union board is a much-required skill for the stability and resilience of the credit union system. Bill’s business acumen layered with cooperative principles would be a tremendous asset for a $5 billion credit union such as Gulf and Fraser.

      Theresa Dergousoff, CPA, CA

      Senior Manager at MNP LLP, Former director of GFCU

      I have had the pleasure of working with Bill Wilby over the past few years. Together, we have built the Peer Group meeting themes, including the presentations/panels that were highly rated by both Directors and Executives. Bill’s ability to seek out feedback and understand your needs- a key quality required in this elected position- is very much demonstrated through these offerings and is transferable to any position he sits on representing Peer Group 3. As a consultant, I have also had the pleasure of facilitating Stabilization Central’s Strategic Planning Session where I was able to first hand witness Bill’s strategic thinking and candidness with his questions. These qualities, paired with his unwavering dedication to life-long learning makes him an excellent candidate for this role. 

      Miranda Flury

      President , Hawkeye Strategies

      Bill is a dedicated and engaged collaborator in everything he does. He has great ideas and energy, a wealth of experience, and very little ego. He is principled and inspired. He can see beyond the current challenges and persevere to the larger goals. I have connected with Bill at a number of events and credit union convenings over the years. It seems like he is everywhere all at once, always looking to learn more and participate in everything that is happening. I first met him at a credit union event he organized in Nelson in 2019 to bring together co-ops in the area, to build relationships and share knowledge. He understands that business is personal — to the leadership and to the members. He also has a great sense of the wider sector trends and challenges, a pulse on current events, and a passion for community. Any credit union would be lucky to have Bill on the board.

      Erin Hancock

      Education Manager, International Centre for Co-operative Management at Saint Mary's University

      I sat with Bill on the Board of Stabilization Central Credit Union; Bill was a thoughtful, conscientious and diligent Director. I would be happy to sit on a Board with Bill again.

      Anita Braha

      Past Board Chair , Vancity

      I am happy to provide support to Bill Wilby’s candidacy to represent the best interests of our communities. Bill’s entrepreneurial experiences added to his years in leadership positions on our local Credit Union Board make him a perfect choice for the merged board as our two organization move forward together.

      Margaret Maximenko

      I would like to add my support and encouragement to have Bill Wilby represent the values and interests of Grand Forks on the G&F Board.
      Over the many years that I have known Bill I have never been disappointed in his integrity, community concern or positive action,…whether in his entrepreneurial pursuits, or in his various community and Credit Union roles.
      I cannot think of anyone I would be more willing to trust to look after my interests, the interests of my community and the interests of the G&F Credit Union.

      Peter Matheson

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